Various Uses of Steel Plates Explained for the Rookie

Posted on: 26 August 2020


Steel plates are among the list of steel products you can get in the market today. Other products include steel bars, rolls, slabs and sheets. All these products have different uses depending on their individual qualities and products. For example, steel bars are a popular feature in the construction industry as they act as reinforcement for concrete slabs. Steel plates collectively refer to steel that comes in the form of a plate. The plates are thicker than steel sheets, and you can fine-tune them to derive the qualities that you desire. Such modifications include alloying to make them thicker and corrosion-resistant. Read the following piece to learn about the various uses of steel plates.

Pressure Vessel

It is common to find vessels that store materials under high pressure. Boilers, compressed liquid holders and gas tanks are some of the equipment that can fall into this category. These vessels need lots of structural strength to handle the stress from the materials they hold and external elements such as inclement weather. If you need to install a pressure vessel, steel plates are your go-to option because they can hold contents under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Pay attention to the grain size when choosing steel plates for this purpose. The grain size ranging from fine to coarse grain affects machinability, endurance and distortion under heat. These are important attributes for a storage vessel.

Marine Applications

You need steel plates for some of your installations if you are looking to venture into marine-oriented business ventures. Barges, docks and oil rigs are some of the establishments that count on the toughness and versatility of steel plates to function effectively. Galvanised plates are a good fit because they can withstand the corrosive saline water for several years.

Military Applications

Do you want to start a business that can qualify for tenders and dealings with the military? You'll need to deliver products that can meet military standards. You will need steel plates to make vessels and accessories that are tough enough for use in ground vehicles, tanks and trucks. Military vehicle repair kits are good examples of the accessories that need steel plates.

Construction Applications

Steel plates are also handy when you are working on construction projects. In fact, you can use steel plates and beams to setup steel buildings for structures such as warehouses. They are also a good option when you are setting up prefabricated buildings for fast-track construction projects.

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