Do You Need to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Posted on: 29 October 2021


Few decisions are as important in life as deciding who you want to marry. Marriage should be the coming together of two people in the lifelong commitment to share their lives. When you are ready to make such a commitment, it's time to become engaged and make a public statement of your intention to marry.

Are you ready to become engaged?

If you have decided that now is the time for you to take the step of becoming engaged, you may be feeling nervous. Perhaps you are confident that your proposal will be accepted, yet you still want to do everything possible to make the moment of the proposal perfect. Perhaps you will take your lady for a romantic meal at an expensive restaurant. Maybe you prefer the more private setting offered by an evening on the beach looking at the stars. Whatever plan you have for the proposal, one item that will have a central role is the ring. Diamond engagement rings are the most common way of expressing your love so everyone knows you plan to marry. The problem for many men is that while they know that they must buy a ring, they don't know how to choose the ring.

What makes a perfect ring?

No ring is perfect for everyone. When looking at diamond engagement rings, you must think not just about the ring, but also about the person for whom you are buying the ring. Don't rush out and buy the biggest diamond ring that you can find. People are unique. They have different tastes, different shapes, different skin tones, and different sizes. What looks great on the finger of one person could overwhelm another lady. The way to achieve an ideal ring for your lady is to think through each component of the ring and think about how it will look when she is wearing it.

Two main components

Diamond engagement rings contain one or more diamonds and also the ring band that encircles the finger. While it is common to focus on the diamond, it is the band that displays the diamond, and the material used in the band can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the ring. Yellow gold is often the traditional material for a ring band, but as a soft material, it can wear quickly and may not be ideal if the ring needs to be removed frequently. Other choices include silver, white gold, and platinum.

When you start to think about the diamond, you may want to show your love with a big diamond, but if your lady has smaller hands, it can be better to opt for a diamond that is more proportionate, or perhaps multiple smaller diamonds set around the band for added sparkle.