Five Reasons To Consider Timber-Look Tiles for Your Next Renovation Project

Posted on: 1 November 2022


You probably don't think of 'tiled' and 'wooden' in the same sentence, but there are actually a great many benefits to the timber-look tiles that have recently seen a surge of popularity amongst interior design fans. Read on to learn why they could be a good choice for your home too!

Bring the Natural Beauty of Wood Into Any Area

Wood is gorgeous, and really sets the feel of any space. But it doesn't work everywhere for practical reasons: in bathrooms, it can warp with time and heat and humidity, in kitchens it can quickly get damaged or stained and in gardens or on patios the weather will change it significantly as time passes. Timber-look tiles have none of these issues and will work in any space you lay them in!

Longer-Lasting and More Durable

It's incredibly difficult to break or chip a tile once it's in place, and anything you drop on them will simply wipe clean off. Wood is a pretty durable material, but it takes much more time, care and upkeep to maintain it in good condition; tiles are incredibly low-maintenance.

Easier To Clean

Part of that low-maintenance appeal is how easy tiling is to keep clean, shiny and hygienic. Most spills will simply wipe straight off, unlike wood which will absorb liquids and can hang onto smells for months. The grouting will only need cleaning once a month or so in most areas, and this can be done with a little simple scrubbing. Tiles can also handle pretty much any cleaning agent without damage because they're hardy and non-porous.

Endless Interior Design Possibilities

Tiles aren't limited to the floor! Tiled walls are also an option, and you can use this to create interesting design elements within your space. Along the side of a bathtub or as a backsplash in a kitchen, timber-look tiles make a gorgeous accent that has all the aesthetic benefits of wood without any of its practical drawbacks. You may also be able to use them as countertops or tabletops, all without needing to worry about the extra effort required to keep wood clean.


Because tiling comes in such a wide variety of styles and finishes, you can create effects that wouldn't be possible with real wood. One great example of this is the lappato finish, which gives a high-gloss effect that can seem almost mirrored in the right light. Other options are available, though.

Speak to your local builder's merchant to find out more about timber-look tiles.