Surprising Ways Hydroponics Is Beneficial for Apartment Gardening

Posted on: 16 January 2018


For plants to grow, photosynthesis has to occur. This process fundamentally entails the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar by chlorophyll. Although plants do grow from the ground, photosynthesis does not require the presence of soil. Thus, hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil but instead cultivating them in water. Hydroponics may be unfamiliar to most people, but it is steadily becoming on trend as it allows for people without a yard or garden to grow plants right in their home. If you were looking to cultivate your herbs and spices in your kitchen or have some small plants in your home, here are some of the surprising benefits that hydroponics would present you for apartment gardening.

Hydroponic gardens are easy to sustain

One of the prominent advantages of hydroponic systems is that they are much easier to care for than a conventional soil garden. Since the plants do not utilise soil, you do not have to worry about keeping your in-house garden fertilised. Moreover, since this form of gardening primarily depends on water, you can have as big or as small a system as you want depending on the space that is available to you. Hydroponic systems can be set out flat against a surface, or you could choose to overhang your plants on a ledge. The practicality of this system makes it feasible for anybody who would like to embrace it.

Hydroponic gardens can support various types of plants

Hydroponic systems are conventionally known for growing lettuce. The reason for this is that most other crops such as kale and even tomatoes thrive better in the soil as they have a high demand for oxygen. Nonetheless, this does not mean you are limited to only growing lettuce in your home. If you were looking to cultivate your herb garden in your home, a hydroponic system would be a great addition to your apartment. With a hydroponic system, you can experiment with other plants such as green onion, basil, mint leaves and even pak choi!

Hydroponic gardens eliminate the use of pesticides

A significant reason why people are leaning toward organically grown plants is they want to minimise pesticide exposure from their food. Hydroponic systems are ideal for individuals that are particular about this since this form of gardening eliminates the use of pesticides. Since the plants are not in soil, they are not vulnerable to pests such as caterpillars, slugs and so on. Therefore, you get the opportunity to grow healthy food that is not sullied by any chemicals.