How to Add Some Fun and Function to Your Lakeside Home

Posted on: 31 August 2017


If you own a home or cottage that sits by a lake or ocean, you may enjoy simply lounging on the beach or enjoying the view from your home's patio. However, adding a few features to the property can make it more fun and functional overall, especially if you own a boat or have kids! Note a few of those features, pieces of equipment, and other such options you might consider for your waterside home.

Add a pontoon

By definition, a pontoon refers to a flat deck that is kept afloat by air tanks under its surface. A pontoon boat is meant for large groups, not for speed or easy manoeuvring, and is often called a party boat for this reason. However, a pontoon can also mean a flat deck that is not motorized and is meant to stay in one spot, but which is also held afloat by air tanks under the surface. These decks are easy to install at a lakeside property, as they don't typically require anchoring into the ground, but can be held secure by ropes you tie to posts, just like a boat itself. Pontoons can provide a nice area for lounging even closer to the water, and allow for swimming or fishing off the side.

Add a jetty

A jetty is a type of long and narrow boat dock; it is often made of wood, but some jetties can be made of durable plastic and other such materials. These may require more construction and preparation than a pontoon, as the posts need to be fixed into the ground underwater.

A wood jetty provides a nice spot of visual interest for your property, and may add to the rustic look of your yard as it weathers over the years. A jetty also means a place for fishing and swimming and for easier embarking and disembarking of your boat.

Install a slide

If you have kids who want to be active by the lake, install a slide! Water slides can be inflatable and sit comfortably on the ground, leading into the water body, so they require no construction. These slides may be flat, with openings along their sides that allow for water to be sprayed on the slide surface, so a person can easily glide along from one end and into the lake or ocean. Slides may also have a raised end, so that a person climbs up and then slides horizontally into the water. Whatever your preference, they are very versatile and can add lots of fun to your lakeside home.