A Few Tips for Choosing a Commercial Dishwasher for Your Business

Posted on: 29 June 2017


If you run any type of commercial eating establishment, even if it's a small cafe or coffee shop, you'll need a high-quality dishwasher. Trying to wash dishes by hand can be time-consuming and difficult, as you usually need to follow certain health codes for how to get dishes clean before they can be used again. Since there are so many commercial dishwashers on the market today, note a few tips for choosing the best one for your business when you're looking into dishwasher installation.

Model type

For a small coffee shop, you might be able to use an under-the-counter model. This type is very similar to dishwashers you use at home, but with quicker cycles and the capacity for holding more dishes. These are easy to install and don't reduce the amount of counter space you have in the kitchen.

Pass-through dishwashers are one step up from under-the-counter models; these usually have an upper and lower part, so you lose counter space, but they handle more than one load at once. With these models, one load may be rinsing and being prepped for wash while the next is going through the wash cycle; for busier cafes, this faster cycle and higher capacity is best.

For the busiest of restaurants, a conveyer model is the best choice; these can wash hundreds of pieces at once, depending on the size you choose. Those pieces also pass through a conveyer belt, making it easier to access them on the other side of the washer, for faster reuse.


High temperature dishwashers are good for establishments that serve lots of greasy foods, as those high temps will help to melt grease, fat, and oil. Dishes also dry faster when they come out of the dishwasher hot.

Cold temp dishwashers may be more economical to run, as you're not using as much energy to heat the water. However, you may need to add certain chemicals to these dishwashers to properly sanitize dishes, and these chemicals can be abrasive and damaging to dishes. You also need to consider the cost of the chemicals as compared to the cost savings of using less energy for a low temperature dishwasher.

Other features

Don't overlook the ease of use of a dishwasher, as one that is cumbersome can mean more time spent by your staff bending and reaching into the washer. Speed of washing cycles is also important, as no eatery should ever run out of clean dishes! Invest in a faster model if needed, to ensure your business doesn't slow down because your dishwasher is slow.