3 Fun And Practical Accessories For Your New Pontoon Boat

Posted on: 29 June 2017


Pontoon boats from a place like White Water Marine are a fun and easy way to spend time on the water with your family. They're great for use on rivers, broad waters or lakes and provide a stable and spacious space for you to enjoy the great outdoors. If you're buying a new pontoon boat, then there is a wide variety of accessories available to enhance your boating experience. Here are three fun and practical accessories that you might like to consider for your new pontoon boat.

1. An onboard barbecue

Whether you'd like to cook up the fresh fish you've just caught, grill some gourmet goodies or simply barbecue some old fashioned sausages, having a barbecue on board is a must have accessory. A small, portable gas burning model is the best choice because they are light, easy to install and remove and safe for use on a pontoon boat.

You'll also need a specially made barbecue stand. These are bolted to the deck of your pontoon boat to keep it immobile and secure. They often come with a dedicated space for the safe storage of the gas bottle as well.

2. Some luxury seating

If you're planning to spend plenty of time doing some serious relaxing on your new pontoon boat then upgrading the standard seating is essential. There is a range of luxurious and stylish seating options that will make your pontoon boat feel like a floating lounge room.

You can opt for single, double or triple seater lounges in a variety of water-resistant but attractive upholstery. For the ultimate in comfort, opt for a full horseshoe lounge configuration. These even come with built in recliners so you can sit in complete comfort while you enjoy the sunshine or watch the sun go down.

3. A detachable diving board

Adding a diving board to your pontoon boat will transform it into a floating fun park. This is a great addition for kids, teens and adults who are children at heart. These diving boards clip into place on the side or rear of your pontoon boat and are easily removed and stored when they're not needed.

A diving board is great if you have swimmers on board because it won't rock the pontoon boat as much as diving directly off the side will. Make sure that you buy a diving board that is designed to fit properly on your chosen pontoon boat model to ensure safety for users.

You can get these fantastic accessories and more from your local pontoon boat supplier. They can also help you to install the accessories to ensure that they're safe and ready to use.