4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Posted on: 20 October 2020


It can be devastating when there is a fire outbreak in your business, and the number of commercial building fires in Australia keeps going up each year. High-quality commercial fire sprinkler systems effectively suppress fire outbreaks, so install one in your commercial building to keep it safe.

The market is filled with a wide range of commercial fire sprinklers, and you can find one to suit your needs. Here are things to keep in mind before installing fire sprinkler units in your business.

Fire Sprinklers Are on All the Time

These fire suppressing systems work even when everyone else is out of the building. Sometimes, fires in warehouses can be caused by a simple spark from one corner, but a fire sprinkler will sense the heat and release water on the flames. Therefore, they can help put out the fire before firefighters get to your location.  All your workers need to take breaks, so they may not be around to put out fire all the time, but a sprinkler system is always alert.

These Units Reduce Insurance Premiums

After putting up a commercial fire sprinkler, the amount of insurance premiums you pay reduces. Various insurance companies offer different insurance discounts depending on the building type and sprinkler quality. When you consider the reductions in insurance premiums, you will discover that the fire sprinkler system pays for itself in the long run.

Sprinkler Units Need Monthly Maintenance

Installing a fire sprinkler brings numerous benefits to your business, but monthly expert maintenance is necessary. Proper maintenance of the fire sprinkler system ensures it works all the time. Therefore, hire professionals to inspect for corrosion in the pipes and check the draining process. Experts will also ensure there is enough water pressure needed for the sprinkler to work. These inspections are essential and should never be ignored.

Sprinklers Don't Cause Serious Water Damage

The damage caused by a fire sprinkler is nothing compared to damage by water from a firefighter's hose. The water pressure firefighters use to extinguish fires is so much higher than water from sprinklers. Therefore, you should expect a lot of water damage when firefighting experts get to your commercial property.

You can significantly reduce the water damage by installing fire sprinklers in your business building. They will help contain small fires and cause minimal water damage.

Every business owner in Australia is recommended to put up a fire sprinkler system following specific protocols. Therefore, find out the regulation on commercial fire sprinkler installation. Your business is a great asset, so ensure the proper installation of the sprinkler system by hiring experts.

To learn more, contact a fire sprinkler system service in your area.